by Helen ~ May 4th, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Well, team ASE Bath (which includes me and my schoolmates/friends Erin, Robert, Meg, Sasha, Tricia, Nick, and Carly) are making the final preparations for our overseas journey over the next few weeks. We leave at the beginning of June, get on an overnight flight into London, and take a coach (a “bus” in more standard American vernacular–expect sassy cultural notes throughout) to Bath. The program begins the day after we arrive in England!

The important preparations of this week:

– Applying for a debit card that will work overseas with minimal exchange rate swindling

– Getting a large sewing needle and industrial strength black twine in order to fix my bag before our flight; it’s being held together by industrial strength safety pins which would definitely not be allowed on board a plane these days

– Choosing what books I’ll be reading on the plane and securing the textbooks for the two courses we’ll be taking

– Earning money so that I can feed myself while I’m in England without a visa or valid UK passport!

x Helen

2 Responses to Pre-arrival

  1. Reverend

    Have fun, and look out for any Scanlons and Fosses—I heard they are invading Britain!

  2. Helen

    Thanks! We’ve all been receiving mildly overwhelmed email updates about the status of our trip (as well as their pre-Bath trip) from the latter–I imagine they’ll be setting off soon!